Helen Krause animal shelter benefit

What a great night for music at the Tourist Inn and a really good cause. The Helen Krause animal shelter is one of the best, they believe in not killing the animals. But instead try and find good homes for all, I heard a good friend of mine Ty ended up there once when he got lost. Ty's gone now his heart gave out but I'm sure he was watching the show. The music was extreme on this night, starting out with a band called Stephanies Religion out of South Eastern Pa. I had never heard Stephanies Religion before and I was in for a nice surprise! A hard hitting band Brian out front has superb vocals with wide range and good listening quality. Backed by Naugle on drums, Cataldi on lead guitar and Rich on bass, this band caught my attention with good sound and good stage performance. Check this band out when you get a chance.

LoveStomp! came on next after the hard hitting lead off band LoveStomp! totally took everyone by surprise. As soon as Amy started singing heads turned and took notice. Even the heavy rockers started tapping their feet with LoveStomp!'s high energy sound! Amy has an incredible voice and backed up by some long time veterans. Willie on lead guitar can put on an unbelievable show one of the best in the business! Rich a veteran bass player out of up state Pa. And Bob (Bastard) on the drums true professionals all brought together in this band LoveStomp! Catch this band when you get a chance backed up by these pro's and Amy's fantastic voice everyone takes notice when they are on stage!

To end this great night of music the CD recording artist Spinebelt came on stage and their large following was out there with them. Whenever Spinebelt gets on stage their fans are sure to follow with their "Grunge Ugh" style of heavy music. Beating their crowd into a frenzy and making for a great party.

Thanks everyone that came out for the show and supporting the Helen Krause Animal Shelter!

Thanks for a truly great show Mike from HomeGrownBands team

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