Dead Air Blues – October 24, 2003 at Kclinger’s Publick House

Dead Air Blues – October 24, 2003 at Kclinger’s Publick House in Etters

By: Amaris Michael

The Dead Air Blues band, the brain-child of 93.5 WTPA’s Coffey and the Jammer played a reunion benefit Thursday, October 24 at Kclinger’s in Etters. All proceeds went to Breast Cancer Awareness and if you missed the show, so sad, for not only was the music good, the cause was worthy. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the only member of WTPA’s who was able to play that night was Ed Coffey. As I was, unfortunately, not close enough to the stage to really see him playing, and as I didn’t hear any major off-key notes, I have to presume that either he played well or faked it well. Sorry, Ed.

I had the chance to talk to Ed to get some background on the Dead Air Blues band. There are 3 main core bands, Krypton City Blues Revue, Middleton Brothers, and Rosie & the Naturals. Playing with them again was, for Ed, “like old home week.”

This reviewer does not consider herself to be one who is into “blues” music and attended the event mostly out of support. Despite that, I can say that I enjoyed the music very much and only regret that I didn’t get to spend much time with the various musicians. I did get to also speak with the members of Krypton City, who are, Dave Groninger, bass, Dale Wise, drummer, Pete Netznik, bass and Nate Myers, harmonica. Perhaps I don’t get out much, but it’s not often that you hear a band with a harmonica, and I can only say that Nate does it well. Krypton City has been together for about 12 years and got their name from as a slang term for Three Mile Island, “the whole glowing green thing,” (Dave Groninger.) I invite anyone who missed the show to catch Krypton City every Friday night 7 to 10 pm at Underdogs, 3100 Paxton St. Further scheduled events are posted on Nate also performs under Nate Myers & the Aces.

Rosie and the Naturals kept the show going with their performance. Phil Rosen’s vocals made me redefine my like for the blues. And not to be beat, The Middleton Brothers ended the night on a bang.

I’d like to thank everyone involved with this event and the cause it supported. I strongly encourage anyone who missed the show to catch one or all of these bands. Don’t say you don’t like “blues” until you’ve heard these guys play!

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