Love Stomp! at The York Hardware Bar

Love Stomp! at The  York Hardware Bar

LOVESTOMP has the fans at the York HARDWARE BAR on their feet and stomping on the bars! Last night downtown York came alive with the talented band LOVESTOMP on stage at the York HARDWARE BAR. York has been needing an adult playground club and it looks like the new York HARDWARE BAR fits the bill. Equipped with a large game room pool tables, pinball games, videos, even Skee ball and basketball games. Game room has it's own bar area and you can still hear the band. Downstairs is the nightclub darkened dance area with raised cage areas that people get in and dance. Large young crowd with good dance music and looked like they were all having a good time. Also on the lower floor was another section I guess was the relaxing zone. Laid out comfortably with overstuffed furniture the decor was very soothing. And in one small cove was a bed, yea that's what I thought a bed in a bar? Well I guess another way to make the patrons feel tranquil, several times I walked by and there was a group of people just kickin back on the bed. All in all just what York has needed "An Adult Playground" with a well supervised with a trained staff.

But best of all is the band area the stage is raised and you can get fairly close. LOVESTOMP did an outstanding job on stage, Amy out front on vocals has a nice voice very pleasant to the ears. Doing a wide variety of covers, Amy handled them all quiet well and at the same time putting on a high energy show for the crowd. Greg (or as I've always known him "Willy") is a professional that has been in the music industry a long time still out there wooing crowd by the things he can do with a guitar! Greg is a veteran of bands like "RU21" "Strangegang" and several others over the years. On the bottom end Joey another veteran of the music scene handles his bass with style. Joey has been with some great bands like "Cheez" and "Seep" and still keeping it all together with his own style. And last but definitely not least is Mr. Fogle on the drums another seasoned musician keeping the timing there on his skins. Very high energy and lots of talent this crowd was crazy over LOVESTOMP ! Check out some of the pictures of the show, and most of all if you get a chance check out this new sensational band LOVESTOMP ! I know I'll be looking forward to seeing LOVESTOMP again soon !

Thanks for a truly great show Mike from HomeGrownBands team

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