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Shivers & Big Middle Finger at the Tourist Inn 25oct02

Shivers is an outstanding 80's hair band playing covers from Queensryche, Dokken, Cinderella, Slaughter and lots of other 80's Bands that I enjoy. Rob has a voice that wails totally piercing out vocals to the extreme. This band has talent and will build a following quickly, if you like 80's music you could not do better than to see Shivers. Kevin on lead guitar must have been born with a guitar in his hands the way he made it talk. Bobbi on rhythm Theo on bass and Joe on the drums brought this band together with an unbelievable sound. I did not get to hear any of their originals yet (looking forward to that) but the covers were outstanding. Lets hope they come to southern Pa more often thanks to George for recommending Shivers so highly they lived up to the praise.

Dirty Dogz at Silver Lake

A different kind of band out of Somerset Pa doing their own interpretations of covers usually off the cuff. This band

has a unique sound all of their own with allot of energy and sense of humor that keeps everyone in stitches.

Rusty Speicher has an outstanding voice not only for covers but several originals found on their album Unleashed.

Ron Yancey on bass and vocals and all around comedian,

Billy Stoppe lead guitarist (this guy is nutz you got to see some of his antics while playing)

Eric Beech going bezerk on the drums I was sure he was going to break something.

When you bring all four of these people you have a sound all their own.

coming to the Tourist Inn on Nov 30th and Dec 6 come check them out.

Aaron's Birthday Bash

Aaron after he was attacked by a mob of women


Dirty Dogz open for Steel

Rusty Speicher lead vocals does a great job on both covers and their own originals.

Backed up by Ron Yancey getting down on the Bass. Eric Beech keeping the pace

on drums. Billy Stoppe doing things on his guitar the are extremely amazing. Out of Somerset Pa

Dirty Dogz always put on a great show hopefully more club owners bring them into the central Pa

area giving more of us a chance to see them live.

Steel knows how to party especially for a birthday party. Tonight it was Aaron's, by the time

they got on stage he was feeling no pain. He kept saying no but I guess his friends did not take

that answer. After about two songs he was begging for a picture of water to replenish his

dehydrated system. As usual Steel sounded great their first set, but then they came back

after a short break and it was time to party Steel style. Chris was tweaked it was Showtime

and he knows how to bring the party out in a crowd down off the stage and into the club.

Dave and Aaron are a tight duo of lead and bass, devil you better step aside if you challenge

these two as in "Devil went down to Georgia" Steel style. And when all three of them are on

You know your going to hear some fantastic music form covers to originals Steel rocks.

Now lets not forget who keeps everyone together Trevis hiding in the background where you can

hardly see him behind the array of drums. You might wonder why someone would want so many

drums, until you see Trevis play sometimes he reminds one of the Tasmanian devil like a blur.

Bringing all the sounds out and keeping everyone together making Steel an always great band to see.


Backstreet Law at Grinder's NiteClub

Dec 07, 2002

If you have never been to Grinder's NiteClub before you are missing a unique experience.

Located in the rear of the Elizabethtown Hotel, right downtown but plenty of parking around back.

In such a quaint little town you would never expect a NiteClub like Grinder's. As we entered it was

like going into a transformation, something like you could expect from New York or maybe LA, not

downtown E-town. Spacious, uniquely decorated and tons of people I knew I liked this place right off.

Backstreet Law came on and things really came alive doing covers from "ZZ Top" to "Corn"

they rocked and everyone loved them. Backstreet Law (originally from central Pa) not only do a great

job on the covers, also have some great originals like "Hollow" "For Dead" "Blend" just to

name a few. (check them out at With Matt "Goody" Goodreau out front with the

vocals, Jeremy Edge on lead guitar, Jamie Morral on the bass and Mike "Choke" Oakley

on the drums this band rocks! Coming off a recent tour from places like "The Dock"

in Jackson Mississippi and "Club Lavela" Panama City Beach FL. Backstreet Law

are going to be at "The Toys for Tots Benefit" at the Crown Plaza in Harrisburg Pa,

on the 15th of Dec. Then The Cellblock in Williamsport on Dec 18th, next at

Fat Daddy's York Dec 20th. Don't miss this band if they get close to your town!

Mike @ HomeGrownBands

Spinebelt, Flywheel, Balistic and Ninetail at the Tourist Inn

Ninetail an aggressive band from the York Pa area opened up this show, full of energy

and ready to party. Don Belch on lead guitar and vocals, Chris Evan rhythm guitar and vocals,

Jose Cabrera on bass and Mark Koncki on drums making up this intensive band. With songs

like "Hollowman" off their CD "When Chaos Takes Human Form", Ninetail knows how to get

a party started and this room was rockin.

Balistic a kick ass heavy metal band out of central Pa Dave Fox vocals and bass guitar,

Brian Kneasel lead guitar and backing vocals, Mike Bordner rhythem guitarist

and John Lohman drums. Balistic always puts on a great show, but tonight they

had something different a preview of their new lead singer, Mark McNelley.

Formally from "Spellbound" Mark is a terrific front man, coupled with the talent

and professionalism of Balistic should make for some really great shows coming soon!

With songs like "Leave Me Alone " from "The Journey Within" CD, Balistic rocks

the roof off. With their own version of a country song "You Pissed Me Off"

done only the way Balistic can. Coming to Pine Lane's Lounge in Pine Grove Pa

on the 21st of Dec and Ugly Coyotes in Allentown Pa on the 28th of Dec.

Flywheel voted #1 in New York lived up to their reputation, by starting off

with a spectacular show. Ever wonder why some bands have such a stage

presence, I guess it's called fate? Lead singer Stephen Bell is originally from

Manchester England and just happened to be in New York when he got together

with the rest of the members of "Flywheel". Stephen has great vocal control and

a unique ability on stage like he was born to it. Pat Gasperini on lead guitar was

having a successful time touring on the West coast with another band an doing

quite well. When he just decided to come home to the New York area. And just

happened to run into Sandy Nardone who had been studying at "Berkley collage of

Music" in Boston Ma. Sandy and Pat have been long time friends and I guess it was just

natural for them to team up with Pat on leads and Sandy on bass adding Stephen with the

vocals, you got a tight team. Then "Powerhouse" drummer Jimmy Crifo joined a seasoned

musician with tons of energy just happened to fit in with this extreme band called "Flywheel".

Getting ready to go on Tour in January Flywheel is going to be at the Thunderdome in

Baltimore Md on the 15th of Jan catch their show if you can.

Spinebelt "Pennsylvania Loud Rockers" headlining the night celebrating the release

of their new CD " Beautiful songs for ugly children". And it was a Spinebelt party crowd

with everyone up front on the floor to catch every minute of the show. Butch Lloyd

lead guitar and vocals, Bill Atkinson bass and vocals, Josh Warsteiner keyboards and vocals

and on the drums John K. Ask for ?Losing All? to be played on 105.7 the X , (great tune).

Spinebelt has a policy of no covers so every song you hear at one of their shows

is a Spinebelt original. Coming to Remey's in Harrisburg Pa on the 21st of Dec and

Fat Daddy's York Pa on the 4th of Jan check them out for an enthusiastic show.

Special thanks to Nipsy and the 105.7 the X crew , Blackthorn Entertainment and

Spinebelt for bringing this show together at the Tourist Inn. Like a comment I overheard

"To those that missed this show sorry about your luck"

Whyte Lightning out of the Garage

opens for Shades Of Black

at the Westgate York Pa

Friday December 20th 2002 Whyte Lightning has their first gig. The Westgate

is packed allot different from the garage these longhaired young musicians are used to.

Their name Whyte Lightning fits this high energy band, with enthusiasm and obvious love

for their music. They had some rough spots, but they stuck with it and kept the show

going. The crowd just loved them doing covers from "Aerosmith- Sweet Emotion" to

"Judas Priest- United" starting it off with a rift from the star spangled banner.

Whyte Lightning has some good raw talent in this band, keep an eye on them

I have a feeling they are going places.

Shades of Black came on next and as always they sounded great. I have always

liked this band because of their nature of helping other bands and causes and

just nice people. But it never seems to amaze me each time I see Shades of Black

they get better. Martin out front now doing an extremely good job it's no

wonder they are leading the votes for ArtFortress January's Band of the Month.

Check Shades of Black out New Years Eve at the 422 Roadhouse Bar & Grill

Womelsdorf pa. Thanks for a great show to both of these bands.

Mike from HomeGrownBands Team

Love Hater's

Westgate Lounge York Pa

Westgate is always a pleasant place to relax and listen to a band. It is always

a friendly crowd and the food is good. This is the first time I have seen Love Haters

and I really like the show. Their music is a variety of upbeat songs that include

everything from the "Monkeys" "AC DC" "Puddle of Mud" and more. Veteran

of the music scene Johnny Star has the ability to bring the crowd out to party.

Backed up by Doug "Sluggo" Leader and Trent Sprenkle making Love Haters

a great party band. Sorry the pictures didn't come out very good but it was a really

good show.

Thanks Mike from HomeGrownBands Team

Cirrhosis and ODIUM

Tourist Inn 10jan03

Cirrhosis and ODIUM now their is some hard core head metal music the best way

to relax after a hectic week of servers going down everywhere so everyone is stressed.

Just kick back drink a beer and let bands like Cirrhosis and ODIUM thrash their

music into your brain and just remove all that stress . Cirrhosis was still on when we

got to the T I since we had been out and about earlier. We wanted to make sure

we caught their show (would of like to see all the bands we missed )and a great one

it was! With "Ralph Kohr" on vocals bringing their onslaught of music upon

you, great show! IN YOUR FACE, METAL TO THE CORE Tour at the Ground Floor

in Newark Delaware is their next show if you missed this one .

ODIUM came back out at 1pm and played some more I'm glad cause I missed

their 1st set. With Ben's vocals backed up by Phill on bass and Jon on

drums this young band has a deep love for music and allot of talent to back it up

Check out their song "Roaches" off their CD catch them at SoundWaves on the 31st

of Jan 2003 this has the makings of a really great show! To find out more about the

band ODIUM check out their new website starting Jan 14th 2003

Thanks Mike from HomeGrownBands Team

Rhymes With Orange

Grinders Night Club Elizabthtown Pa

Thursday Jan 9th 2003

Seeing a band at Grinder's is always a good party, as soon as you enter it's like

going into another dimension. A Big town Night Club in such a nice little town.

Being a college town Grinders is always packed with energy and when a band like

Rhymes with Orange comes to play it's "party time"! RwO just fit right in with

the crowd with a high energy level excellent vocals and musical mastery bringing it all

together in an excellent show performance. Catch their next show at Coyote Hardware

in Harrisburg Pa on the 31st of Jan 2003 and back to Grinders the 15th of Feb 2003.

If you like high energy dance music, you will love Rhymes with Orange!

Sorry the pictures I took that night didn't come out very good but the show was great

Thanks Mike from HomeGrownBands team

Balistic and Steel Rock the Tourist Inn

Jan 11th 2003

Nice night for a party the Tourist Inn is packed by the time we get there.

Balistic starts off the show they have always been a really good band, but tonight

something special. After their first song they introduce Mark McNelly (formally of

Spellbound) as their new lead singer. Wow this puts Balistic in a new level

Mark is an outstanding front man with great vocal range and a showmanship

that the crowd loves. This also gives Dave Fox the ability to put on more of a

show with his bass I guess my word for the day is wow. Check out their

song Leave Me Alone off "The Journey Within" CD Balistic will be

at Chucky B's (formally Emerson's) in Columbia Pa this Thursday Jan 16th 2003.

And on Jan 18th 2003 at RadioActive in Bainbridge Pa
(on route 441 south of "Three Mile Island")
Check Balistic out while you can around here, with this new show everywhere

is going to booking this band.

Steel another one of my local favorites continued the party "Steel Style"

"the place was packed and no one was leavin" The Tourist Inn was up for a party

this night and when the crowd is really into like tonight Chris just picks up the

energy and goes with it. Aaron and Dave just smile at each other (when Chris gets

in one of these modes) then key in on it and go. Trevis hiding in the background

"Tasmanian devil" just goes wild with the energy, making this one of the parties of

the year! Check out Steel coming January 17th at The Zu, Dundalk, MD.

Then Jan 18th Fat Daddy's, York Pa.

Thanks for an outstanding party

Mike from HomeGrownBands team

Dixie Wrecked at Tourist Inn Jan 17th 2003

We got to the Tourist Inn a little after ten, the band already started.

Now I've never seen Dixie Wrecked before so I did not know what

they looked like. I'm sitting there listening and thinking wow this opening

band is really good. So I get up and get some pictures , really liking this

opening band. Well I get back to my seat and then I find out the opener

didn't show up and this was Dixie Wrecked that was on. Got me on

that one, oh well I'd heard that they were supposed to be a really good

band and that they are. We all just got extra time of listening to a great

band Dixie Wrecked. "She #$% hates me" was one of the first songs

I heard them play doing a fantastic job on all their covers. They

promised to get a recording of some of their original music. And

as soon as they do we will get a copy of one of their songs on our

HomeGrown Music page. Dixie Wrecked put on a great performance

with such high energy if you look at some of the pictures you can see

that allot of the time their feet are not even on the ground. And the

busload of fans that came with Dixie Wrecked kept the Tourist Inn

hoppin. Coming to Chucky b's Columbia Pa on the 24th of Jan

and the 25th at Hot Z Pizza Landisville Pa.

Thanks for a great show Mike from HomeGrownBands team

Paddywak, Lowjack and Stept on

Tourist Inn. Jan 18th 2003

Give a dog a bone yea right what kind of name is Paddwak, this zany band

runs around with their wooden Tiki god. You would think they were in their

backyard just goofing off. That is except for their music, this band might

be a little off the cuff but their sound is great. Tad on vocals has a crisp

clean sound and a good range doing a great job on their covers. Backed

up by Justin on bass (he has trouble keeping his feet on the ground) with

so much energy, you would think he was on a trampoline. Dave on

drums just thrashing away in the back. I guess that's how he relieves

his stress from the "day job" having fun and keeping the beat.

Then you have Todd on lead guitar "the serious musician" using his

instrument like another voice singing a duet with Tad. Check out

some of the pictures it was a great show Paddwak will be coming to

Crocodile Rock Allentown Pa January 31st 2002, Rivertowne Lounge

Wrightsville Pa. on February 1st then February 7th Glad Crab

Dallastown Pa. Lets give them some support! Also check

out an original by Paddywak "Haven"

Lowjack came on next this is a really good "original" band out of

the Philadelphia area. Check out their songs "Hollow" and "Needle"

off of their "lowjack enhanced ep" doing covers is not Lowjacks thing

but they have enough really good material of their own that they don't

have too. Kevin Diehl on vocals has a great voice and good stage

performance. Backed up by Jack Gillespie on lead guitar alongside

bassist McClintock and drummer Andre Calilhanna. All seasoned

members of the music industry, Lowjack is a leader in the original

music scene. Catch them at Millenium Music Conference showcase

on February 15th 2003 at Gullifty's Harrisburg Pa 9:00 pm. An original

band that has good listenable lyrics and all around good quality sound!

Stept On an outstanding band out of central Pa do a great job on

their covers and also have some good originals off their "Lonely CD"

like" Lonely" "Drowning" and "Voices In My Head". Stept On has been

on stage with some big name bands and have gathered a nice following

of their own. With their "raw energy" talent and ability to play a variety

of styles gives Stept On a really good stage show that people just love

to come and see. Stept On will be at the Crowbar in State College Pa

the 22nf of January and The Cellblock , Williamsport Pa on the 23rd

of January 2003. Check out their original songs and some of the

pictures taken at the Tourist Inn.

Thanks for a really great night of good music and to Shel from

Blackthorn Entertainment for bringing this show together!

Mike from HomeGrownBands team

Green Eggs at Murph's Other Bar

Jan 22nd 2003

Coldest night of the year as we go to Murph's other bar to

check out Green Eggs. We got there and Murph's was already

packed full of college kids ready to party. And Green Eggs is

the band to make that party come alive. Not the normal type

of band I'm used to seeing around here, Green Eggs play

mostly dance type music. Doing covers of Bon Jovi, and

Kid Rock and some of their own originals for good measure.

When I first got there Brian, Brad and Steve were all out front

mikes in hand driving this young crowd wild. An upbeat high

energy style of music with three very good vocals, not what I

would expect in a bar it was more like going to a concert

only up close. Doug stays in the background keeping the

beat on the drums as three very talented musicians put on

an excellent show! I got a couple of pictures at the show

I'll be back to see this band again see them if you get a chance.

Thanks for an excellent show!

Mike from HomeGrownBands team

Juiced at Grinders NightClub

Jan 23, 2003

Juiced and Grinders one of the area's hottest bands and club team up for an incredible show. Grinders is the ultimate spot for a band to play, with it's big city atmosphere and sound quality. If you have never been to Grinders it's in the basement of the Elizabethtown hotel located downtown. As you enter the club it's like being transformed, you can just feel the excitement of the nightclub style. As you come into the club there is some stairs to walk down and a couple of turns to make. So you feel like your going into a dungeon, then you walk into the club and it's like a secret hideaway hot spot. Check out their website at for more information and pictures. Then on top of that you add one of the hottest bands around Juiced, with female lead singer Carrie Rapoport. I really wasn't expecting them to start off with "Limp Bisket" "Break Stuff". Kewl I really liked the sound Carries vocals are extreme and the clarity is there. Covers from "Jimmy Eat World" to "Pink" and anything in between with style and crispness' like you would hear off a well mastered CD. With a voice like Carrie's and the acoustics of Grinders makes for an intense sound. The rest of the band all seasoned veterans of the music scene. Beth Karpovich on bass, Don Carr on drums, Norm Marks on guitar w/ vocals, Doug Buch keyboards w/vocals. Mark came up front and sang at times "It was the summer of 69" can you hear the song? I'm sorry that was for people that were at the show they know what I mean. :) And for those of you that missed this show sorry!! , don't miss Juiced next time they are playing in your area. They will be at Sloppy Joes in Key West FL for a couple weeks then back to Pa check them out at Fat Daddy's York Pa on the 21st of February. Check out some of the pictures from the show. And don't forget to check out Grinders Night Club in Elizabethtown. Going there is the only way you can find out how good the shows are there. Hearing is believing, it has that big city night club effect.
Thanks for a great show

Mike from HomeGrownBands team

Beth's Birthday party with Cloud Party, Blood and Burning Blue
January 24 2003 Tourist Inn York Pa

Good night for a party since Beth (bartender but off duty tonight celebrating her birthday) has already started. Shel from Blackthorn Entertainment has a party all set up with a couple of surprises. Cloud Party starts the shindig an original band out of central Pa playing a variety of styles. Veterans in music field Cloud Party put on a great show to a packed crowd. Check out some music on their Cd "Real" songs like "shadow of an angel" and "real". They will be at The Brass Lantern Reading Pa on the 22nd of February and on the 17th of February Violet's on Walnut in Harrisburg Pa.

Blood a high energy rock band with a nice following of loyal fans puts on a great show. Rob their front man and vocals has such a high energy level that it just naturally passes on to the fans. Which brings the fans to their feet and the party rocks on. With both originals and covers done their way Blood puts on the type of show that gives them a good following. Check them out back at the Tourist Inn on the 28th of February and on the 31st of January at the Glad Crab (dedicated to the memory of Rich Kelley) good band great show

Burning Blue always one of my favorites headlining the show keeps the party rocking. When we first came up with the idea for Homegrownbands almost a year ago (Jan 29th will be one year) Burning Blue was one of the first bands we hooked up with. They gave us a copy of their CD "Sessions" and we put their song "My Hypocrisy" up on our Home Grown Music page (then called previews) gave us their schedule so we could post. And put a link back to us on their website, we were so excited a link back to our website and the beginning of our dream. So I just wanted to thank you again helping us out getting started. And besides that you sound great and put on an excellent show. Randy Houck front man and vocals has an excellent voice with clarity and range to handle both covers and their originals with a good clean sound. Donnie Knaub and Kevin Kresge a really good duo on guitar and bass. Back hiding in the back on the drums is Chad Gossard keeping it all together. Burning Blue put on a great show as usual with a little pause for Beth's birthday surprise. Check out some of the pictures it was a fantastic party. Make sure you see Burning Blue if you get a chance an outstanding performance!

Thanks again Burning Blue, Blood, Cloud Party, Blackthorn Entertainment and the Tourist Inn for a really outstanding party!

Mike from HomeGrownBands team

Screamin' Daisys at Fat Daddy's York Pa

Jan 25, 2003


Do you like dance music, hip hop a little Rhythem and Blues or maybe some Rap well check out Screamin' Daisys. With vocalist duo of Missy Hernandez and Unique Lee Nyce a extremely high energy show. Both of these ladies have great voices but when they blend the two together theirs is the unique sound of "Screamin' Daisys" Backed up by Greg Deshong -Guitar, backing vocals, Steve on bass, Doug Kimberling-Keyboards, backing vocals, toys and Jim Rhoads on the drums. All veterans of the music circuit, with a different type of band. Two female on vocals is unique in itself especially the way Missy and Unique blend with each other. But what really makes this band so special is the entire show they put on . Coming out in stocking feet you can see by the pictures their feet are hardly on the stage. Their dance routine and entire show was the quality of large night club acts.
Thanks Screamin' Daisys and Fat Daddy's for a great show

Mike from HomeGrownBands team

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