Shivers at the Chicken Coop

Shivers considered the best 80's hair band on the east coast is back!! Remember the 80's hair bands with the extreme high end vocals like Tesla, Poison and Skid Row. The sounds we grew up with and still love to hear. Well finally there is a band around that can do these songs and handle the lyrics as well as the music. A truly professional band with an outrageous light show to go along with an unbelievable musical performance. Rob the lead singer has a fantastic voice filling the room with clear on key sounds. Many bands try and imitate the 80's sounds but just can't hit those notes and keep in key like the greats (Sebastian Bach, Bret Michaels and others). Along with a really tight professional band with artists like Kevin on guitar who toured all over the US and Europe. Making this on of the best shows around coming to the Tourist Inn on April 2nd DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!!

Thanks for a truly great show Mike from HomeGrownBands team

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