Zyris and Ratt at Shakey's

Zyris and Ratt at Shakey's Hershey Pa

November 26th 2003

Review by Amaris Michael

of HomeGrownBands Team

I suppose that it is a prerequisite that hard rock has to be loud, but either I'm getting old or Zyris was particularly loud Thanksgiving Eve at Shakey's. We literally had to move as far away from the band as we could get to even think, much less hear the music. Not that the music wasn't good - it was. Loud and kicking! The other down side to being so far away was that I could barely see their stage show. Going by what I could see and by the pictures posted on Homegrownbands.net, I'd have to say that it was not disappointing. As this was the first time I've ever seen Zyris, I really do not have any base of comparison, but I would definitely go see them again. I talked with a couple of the band members before the show, John, lead singer & Paulie, bass, and they were fun-loving rockers. John, in particular, has a way of really engaging the crowd, both on and off stage. When we first arrived, he walked right up to us, said "hey" and moved on to go meet someone else. My friend and I both looked at each other and asked, "Who was that?" I thought she knew him as she attends a lot of concerts with Homegrownbands.net. But that was just John's style.

Now, I cannot say that I have religiously followed Ratt's career, but I do consider myself a fan of their music. I was told that I was lucky standing so far from the stage because up front all that could really be heard was the music and not the vocals. The music was dead-on classic Ratt. I immensely enjoyed that. Too many times I attend a concert only to be disappointed in that live the band just doesn't sound the same. I cannot say that for Ratt Wednesday night. However, because I was far enough back to hear the vocals, I would have to say that they did not have the same grit as classic Steven Pearcy. The songs just didn't sound the same and, for me, it was a bit of a disappointment. Up until they played certain songs, though, that I very much enjoy from Ratt (a medley of tunes from "Invasion of Your Privacy") the vocals didn't bother me. So, I cannot say that I don't like Jizzy's style and tone - I did, but was just not Stephen Pearcy and when you really like certain music and you hear someone else perform it, you get disappointed a lot.

In all though a loud, kicking night and I would go see both groups again!

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