Disorderly Conduct - Wheelie Bar

Disorderly Conduct - Wheelie Bar in York - Sat. Jan 24th

I have one word of caution if you're going to go check out Disorderly Conduct anytime: If you plan on drinking, you'd better get there early or figure on waiting for their breaks. Because once these guys start playing, unless you're half-dead, you will be out on the dance floor. Loud and rocking and it's not so much a matter of wanting to dance, but that if you have one cell in your body that likes rock, you almost have to get out there.

I understand from band members that the lead singer, Pat, is a relatively new addition to the band - about 8 months - and there was no mistake made in bringing him on. He has the voice that can project tunes like "Sex Type Thing," "Kryptonite," "Rainbow in the Dark," and "White Wedding." Yes, these guys in general have a wide range to their covers. I also learned that with the addition of Pat, you'll hear more AC/DC and classic rock. Their repertoire changes as the band members change, but with the sets they did Saturday night, I certainly cannot complain. Beyond his vocal quality, Pat is a great showman and gets the audience involved. I think he spent as much time off the stage singing from the floor as he did on it. In fact, his stage presence is rivaled only by Ray Miller on bass guitar.

Ray comes to the band from several places. In fact, he was a member of Shotgun Wedding and is widely known in the Ft. Lauderdale area. He started on the drums and played them for 20 some years. He picked up bass when a friend needed a bass player - quite a feat as he's left handed and is basically playing backwards. It's a good thing, too, as being out front is where he should be with his antics and involvement with the audience as he's playing.

Guitarists Randy (lead) and Eric round out the front stage with awesome playing and putting on a good show as well. Then there's Scott, drummer, who also does vocals on several songs from each set. If you can detract yourself from dancing, and then from watching & getting involved with Pat, Ray, Randy and Eric, Scott does what he can from the drum set to keep things going.

The energy of this band is phenomenal and only rivaled by my 3 year old son. You can tell that all of them love performing - not just love playing music, but performing for their fans. And their fans reciprocate by performing on the dance floor. I have seen many bands play live. And I've seen many a dance floor crowded. But rarely have I seen the music so infect the audience that they are caught up in the show and dance with the same intensity Disorderly Conduct plays.

If the reader has also caught my review of Pop Tart Monkeys, you will know that I value music as an art-form. Disorderly Conduct is that band that music lovers want to see - when the interplay between band and audience becomes intimate and personal. The flow of energy in the Wheelie Bar Saturday was intense and almost surreal. And if that weren't enough, they play the songs that make you just want to laugh and feel good - for example "Godzilla." It's a great song, but honestly, for most of us, does it really hold any deep meaning? Hell, no - it's about a fictional dinosaur rampaging Tokyo. But it's a hell of a lot of fun. Again, though, be prepared. I personally woke up the next morning sore from all the dancing.

See them. Tell your friends to see them. They don't disappoint.

Thanks for a truly great show AMARIS MICHAEL from HomeGrownBands team

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