Desperate Measures House Band January Sessions at The Tourist Inn

Desperate Measures House Band January Sessions at

The Tourist Inn

DESPERATE MEASURES on stage at the Tourist Inn as the house band of the month for January 2004. What a night this was Desperate Measures has an awesome sound, with Bill on bass, Danny on drums, Ivan on lead guitar and Rusty at lead vocals. This band has a great sound and a singer that not only sings in key, but has a wide range to sing some of those great 80's hair band songs. Doing a super job on the covers as well as some really tight originals. But that was not the only thing in store for "Sessions" this Thursday Eve, several other fine talents found their way on stage to enrich the crowd. Scott from Road Trip sang and played a couple tunes with DESPERATE MEASURES. Also stepping in was Linda from Hydrate & Gape. Another really good guitarist also sat in for some Blues (don't know his name but he is good and looking to form a band check our musicians corner for his post). Even "Digital Dave" sat in with his harmonica for a couple tunes. The night turned into a really fine Jam session, at one point Scott (from Road Trip) was sitting on stage doing an acoustic next thing you know Linda (from Hydrate) jumped up on stage to join in. Than Danny joined in on the drums, nest Ivan threw in some rhythm guitar, Bill also jumped in with some bass riffs of his own. Finally Rusty joined the show adding some vocals with the rest. What a Jam Session this turned into. If you missed this show make sure you get there next Thursday eve for more "Sessions" with DESPERATE MEASURES and whoever else shows up to Jam.

Thanks for a truly great show Mike from HomeGrownBands team

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