Thursday Sessions At the Tourist Inn

THURSDAY SESSIONS (15 minutes to fame) Every Thursday 8 pm -12 am

No booking ahead needed just show up and play. First to come, first to play, after house band of the month. You have 15 minutes on stage. Drum kit, Amps, All sound & lighting provided. All you need is your voice or instrument or both. This is a good way to showcase yourself or a band with little hassle. Karaoke singers welcome. Here's your chance to sing with a live band. Bands bring your merchandise along. Classic Rock, Metal, Jazz, Rap, Acoustic, Blues, Country, Bluegrass all types of music welcome. Good way to meet other bands, agents, musicians and a possible booking at the Tourist Inn!

must be 21!! NO COVER

Pictures from Thursday night Sessions

Check it out this is your chance to get on stage and strut your stuff. Bands or individuals. Have your complete band or join others and jam, whatever style music you have it is all welcome. I like their idea and it seems to be working people are traveling to get involved with this. Theirs been thrash metal and blues on the same stage just jamming together having a good time. If you get a chance check it out, bring your instrument and your talent and be ready for some fun!

They have a house band for the month this month (November) the band is Fearing Mind. They did an excellent job of getting the crowd in the mood for a party. Fearing Mind is a band with lots of energy and powerful kick to their style of music. Working well with the other musicians their to strut their stuff made for a great party!

Mike from Home Grown Bands team

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